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Gearslutz - Nominations for - Favourite Microphone Preamp over $2500?

Nomination stage

How many Gearslutz threads start with this question? Love it or roll your eyes at it, it comes up all the time.

While we probably all realize that there is no single ‘magic bullet’ for every recording and production challenge, there are certainly pieces of gear that seem to come up in discussion a little more often than others.

One of the great things about Gearslutz is that we have a very diverse cross-section of experiences in order to draw suggestions from to answer this question. With that in mind, and considering a wide-range of budgets, we are launching the Gearslutz Community Choice Awards.

We want YOU to tell us what your favourite bits and pieces around your studio are - what your personal ‘bests’ are - and we will devise some "Top-10" lists from it (with information to accompany) - so that we can help give people with that age-old ‘what is the best’ question a little nudge in the right direction.

We have trawled the archive to come up with some suggestions already, this is entirely based on what has been posted in the past - but if we’ve missed anything, feel free to write in your suggestion.

In this thread we'll ask for your favourite Microphone Preamp
over $2500 US Dollars and currently in production.

To be clear we are gathering nominations for OUTBOARD mic pre products (not built in console mic preamps)

Simply type in your favourite and post!

Note: the nominations stage will run for 30 days. Once this ends we will compile the results and make a poll. Please nominate today! Thanks very much in advance for helping out!

PS: Check out our previous buyer's guides and participate in more nomination threads!