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I've been automating it with an LFO in Reaper. I set this to about 70% strength so it doesn't go all the way up - I find the wah sweet spot about from 25% (where 0% would be fully bass and 100% fully treble) to about 65% - that's where the magic seems to happen. Also, I decrease the attack and release to 5% or 10% so it's more immediate.

If I use the modulation, I'll set the starting point to that 25% I mentioned above and module to about 65% so the sound is the same but of course, it's input-dependent. Same attack and release settings for that "bite".

The great thing about this is, there's no bad sound, but there's a definite sweet-spot I like around the middle of the wah where the bass tips in to treble. Hard to explain though!