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Do you mean 6+ of each of the instruments, or an ensemble consisting of 6 or more people?

I suggested considering solo strings both because you can combine them with themselves (record eg two ir three takes using the same library), but also because you can use 2 or 3 different solo cellos to fake a cello group. But I believe the main thing people do to create that intimate sound you may be looking for is to use a small ensemble like eg Spitfire Sable, and add some solo instruments on top of that. This way you'll have more control than if you just use sample of an ensemble with 4 or 6 players of each instrument, which easily can sound too perfect.

Btw, I believe the Sable ensembles are 4 violin 1s, 3 violin 2s, 3 violas, 3 celli and 3 basses. So Sable + the solo Emotional Cello could be a good solution. But in order to get the complete Sable package, you need to buy multiple volumes.
I mean 6 or more people. I thought about just doing several takes of a solo instrument but I though since it's sampled, wouldn't that not work since every recording will be the same samples as the last recording?