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I've just finished a new version of these presets. They are added to the original presets.

The differences are :

The new version (with a "+" at the end of the names) has the modwheel set by default to 0 instead of 64, the mid position. Of course, it reduces the sonic possibilities but you can play directly a loaded preset without touching your modwheel.

These "+" presets also have their volume levels a little bit higher, to be on par with the factory library, just to avoid the annoyance of switching from a loud sound to a quiet one, and vice versa.

The louder version being maybe more convenient, I think that with the digital systems we use these days, low levels are not really a problem. On the other hand, peaks beyond 0dB can be source of troubles.

For those who have already bought this soundset, you should receive it shortly. If you are happy with the original version, just skip the updated version.

To me, the original presets are better but you can install them both and choose yourself which one you prefer or even use both, if you want !

Have fun !