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i cant type in values that are this close, then the 30, 40 and 50 hz for example would be on top each other because they shift simply way to fast in the 3 first shifts
I have found a similar issue controlling certain libraries.

For my NVC controller, I had to program a special 'range' routine that related the 128 MIDI values to the library 'stepped' value. There were only 7 stepped values to relate, so not too bad. Other libraries have many more stepped values, so becomes more of a pain.

I also use a similar technique when I want to take a fully variable EQ and add a 'stepped' option in the control.

In my analysis, I never could figure out the values ascribed from the library and co-relate them to a controller knob or slider for some of them. My next thought is to look at the relationship of the external knobs' SWEEP ANGLE. Not sure what that will result. Anyway, some libraries line up ... some don't [and then need special assignment treatment].

To that ... AlexB libraries are too good for me to ignore. Should he update the presets to behave better ... great. If not, I'll customize the relationship to work.