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Have you tried using the shift key while mouse-wheeling the parameter? That is a system-wide (usually) way for more precise mouse-wheel use in plugins, DAW's , etc.
exactly same answer i got from Alex B hehe

nope, that doesn't change the fact its still messes up my setup in nyrv

and 550B its the only eq that is totally ruining my nyrv Agent experience so far

N73 was a little off too but i discovered its possible to tweak the Nyrv setting a little to make it work

thanks to nyrv setting N73 now works perfect in N Agent :

but the 550B is actually so far off its not possible to correct it within Nyrv

i cant blame Agent for this as other eq`s work flawless

550B its totally unusable in nyrv

i usually prefer to use my nebula eq`s with nyrv so now i don't think i will buy more stepped eq`s from Alex B,

some clearly don't work so i will absolutely not buy 550A,
some can be tweaked but i cant know that before i have bought them so no go

the non stepped Alex B works great though

i just don't understand why some libs would be so uneven between freq shifts like this