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Old 21st May 2016
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im trying to set up Alex B 550B eq in nyrv Agent

all steps on the gains works perfect

but with the frequencies the steps is coming in too fast

so i cant have my frequencies stepped like i want in Nyrv

but frequencies are also switching so fast in nebula that i almost barely touch it before i have switched frequency

its happening in nebula too if i use it alone so i dont think its Nyrv causing the problem

is there a way to make them less sensitive so the steps is happening between each frequency can be more more even

in Nebula,in Nyrv or both ?

the first steps on the lows for example with 550B are like millimeters in adjustment between the lows

while the last steps are centimeters, i cant remember i have encountered this problem before and the steps being so uneven between each other

even if i used only nebula alone this is way to sensitive

but it also makes it impossible to setup and enjoy in nyrv Agent

do some librarians varies this much or is there a way to adjust it in Nebula ?

if they do varies this much this will make me hesitate buying more stepped eq`s

Thanks for answers in advance