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I was just thinking out loud.

Yes, current times are tough for recording studios. This days you can mix an album in any living room with a PT HD rig. The only thing DAWs, computers and outboard can't offer you is good tracking facilites.
This niche market could be covered offering a great sounding room with an awesome sounding board for tracking purposes mostly. Hence the idea of combining the vibe of the good old 1073/84 modules with the pristine sound of the Portico 5088.

Presto: sort of the second coming of the Monserrat console!

Options for around $100k (the 'DoubleNeve' console :-) :

-A 32 ch Portico 5088 plus 24x 1073 modules
-A 32 ch Portico 5088 plus 16x 1073 modules and 16x Portico 5032 (pre+eq) modules

A further Tracking+Mixing console, provided 32 input ch were enough, would be:

-32 ch Portico 5088 mixer
-16x 1073 modules
-8x Portico 5032 (pre+eq) modules
-8x Portico 5033 (full parametric EQ) modules
-8x Portico 5042 (dual comp) modules

This would give you a 32ch (+4 st) input console with 24 pres, 32 eqs and 16 compressors. Just add a Flying Fader II automation for the 32 faders and you could have one of the best sounding consoles ever made, brand new, for considerably less than what this kind of boards used to go for, say, around $150k ( $40k for the 5088, $40k for the 16x1073s, $40k for the 24xPorticos, $25k for the FlyingFaderII, $5k for VUs and what not..)

Still a lot of money, you could score a nice used J or K for that amount, although the electrical and maintenance bill would be different with each one.
Again, just thinking out loud.

Josh, can you confirm whether the 10xx modules would also fit?