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1. as most of my life I've been using a computer for production, discovering analog sequencers, sending unquantized voltage was a big discovery for me. I always liked microtonal elements in the music and with analog gear - i found a very easy and fun way to do it. So the first sequencer, which I bought was MFB Urzwerg Pro. Still my favourite analog sequencer, now I have about 5 or 6. So this led to building an Eurorack modular system and it was an eye opener for dealing with soft / hardware synths generally. And inspiration, which is quite important.

2. an idiot proof (extremely user friendly) version of Max/Msp. I think Max has unlimited power but it`s difficult for me to learn it to a level, where I can create useful tools, more than a simple subtractive synth. I just don't have the time to invest in Max, with the big amount of gigs and travelling I have. But I have a solid experience on stage and in the studio, I could contribute a lot to the "community" and also do better music, if I could create music tools easily. I think this is valid for many active / touring acts. If we speak about hardware - I would love to have Fast Fourier Transform based hardware / spectral processing effects, with lowest possible latency. FFT requires big processing power and often the software plugins are unstable. If there was a dedicated hardware, doing only FFT, I assume the device will work more stable. And if there is a hardware unit with strong processor, dedicated only to these calculations, it would probably reduce the latency. I realise that zero latency is not possible with FFT of course.

3. wow... too many.. Delia Derbyshire and her work for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, anything by Jeff Mills, but mostly his mid to late 90`s productions, Aphex Twin doing Richard D. James album, Autechre - anything with rhythm from the late 90`s till now, more recent - The Maghreban doing "Now Easy" or any of his recent records. Just to name a few