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Old 18th May 2016
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Synths processing

Hi Kink,

I've tried your Drum bus chain (Glue comp in parallel/eq/kramer tape/eq for me), it works very well to get punchy drums/warm high ends, many thanks

I've got one last question about synths. I use mainly soft synths like analog in ableton, digital version of Korg m1, Rob papen Albino, Diva sometimes.

So, how do you deal with reverb and delay, do you put them on each channel or send ? do you make a synth bus like drums with all the synths processed together with comp (NY? or classic comp with long attack or short ?)/distortion ? or maybe you don't compress the synths at all ? maybe sidechain them ? Also do you use effects like auto pan or things like that ? Possibilities are endless...

In short I can't get that warm/well balanced wall of sound

Thank you for your generosity and your golden advices wich helps me a lot