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The frequency plots in the catalogue don’t show this at all, though. The subtle hills are a little above sea level rather than below it, if that makes sense. Yet another example why frequency plots can be deceiving. But be ready to get hit by some if you say this out loud.
I think it's the other way around. If you question how 2 mics can sound similar with very different frequency plots, you get hit over the head!

OK, now let’s look at the 3U Audio GZ67 (tube version). The name could suggest it has something to do with a U67 (or an M269 for that matter). But if you read the above, as well as the GZ specs, you’ll understand that this cannot be the case. Just like it’s not the case with the Peluso 67 and a host of other mics that have 67 in the name.
Now this seems rather deceiving, too, but don't say it out loud!