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Talking about the GZ47fet. It can be had in two flavours. But below the GZ series the K47 capsule seems to be underrepresented.

Before I go on, few microphone brands have so many LDC flavours to choose from, especially from the get go.
So I'm not complaining.
It's just that it seems so easy for this particular brand to complete the range.

In the trannyless series (CM1) there's a K67 and a CK12 style, but no K47.
And in the Warbler series we have three mics with CK12 style capsule (III, IV and V) and two with the K67/87 style (I and VI). The difference is in the tuning or voicing of the capsules. There's only Warbler with a K47, viz. the Warbler Mark II. According to earlier feedback from the maker, this is the Warbler "equivalent"of the GZ47fet.
It could be nice to have a Warbler counterpart of the GZ47fetV, too. In other words, one with the smoother capsule. That would then be the Warbler Mark VII.

Three different CM1s and seven different Warblers (not counting -D versus standard). Nice numbers, no?

Would it change the world?
Would it be cool?

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