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Any listened to this shoot out yet?

Real World Vocal Shootout
I checked it out. I preferred A and C...Awesome to throw up a shootout but they were all different takes done for each microphone as you can hear the headphone cable rubbing his shirt or hitting something throughout the takes all at different points,never the same (that's my guess as to what it is).

I don't think the singer was sitting in the same position for each one either. You can hear him backing off the 3u at points during the take where his voice drops out at times and more of the room pops in; I'm not even sure he was singing at the mic till 3 sec into the take which is obvious to the ear. If he was "on" the gz47fet like the other two I would have chosen C then A sonically. The GZ was the far more sensitive and natural of the three. Whether that's good or bad would be user choice. You definitely would have to have your mic skills on point because it magnifies all of that guys movement on the mic which was not flattering for his performance at all.