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A doctor used a syringe to clean out my ears a few years ago. I had to use EarClear (a wax removal, it was an oily substance, and I had to put it in my ears for a couple of days for it to work). My ears have been trouble-free since.

But since then I've been developing these tiny 'floaties' in my left eye's field of vision. They're like tiny black blurry spots, annoying nonetheless. I started with one and now 5 years later there are four of them. Occasionally every now and again I get a tiny twinkle in my left eye's field of vision, it's like a tiny star that flashes once and then disappears, only lasts a mere fraction of a second. Intriguing. Not sure what that means. Would love to find out.


Usually these floaters are pieces of pigment... go see an eye doctor to have it checked...

Don't know how or if they relate to the ear oil.