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No EQ??? As much as I respect Rupert, what genius talked him into that?? That's the ONE reason I'd go to a console or desk or whatever you want to call it rather than outboard pre's and ITB mixing. Oh well......I'm sure the name will sell a bunch of them.
Please read my post above.

One more time with feeling......everybody repeat with me.......

"You can have EQ on every channel!"

You can fit the 5088 with either 3 or 5 band Eqs on every channel as well as dynamics and preamps.

And it's our belief that the quality (discrete op amps, custom transformers on every input and output, and 10dB more dynamic range than any of his previous designs etc..) will sell this product, not just the name.

We're proofing the web pages on the 5088 now, and it should be live in the next day or so. This should hopefully clarify things.