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maybe a pair of Warblers would be more of a contrast? like a pair of Warbler V (very dark) or a pair of VI (very light)?

If I get another mic to compliment the GZ47fetV (have one on order) I honestly can't decide between the MK1/V/VI or a GZ67. Obvious answer is all of them, but I'd rather get a nice vocal compressor with that money, so would prob only buy one... most likely the MK1 or VI.
I'd get acquainted with the GZ47fetV first. (!)
Then try to find out what you might be missing, if anything. This will make choosing a possible next purchase easier.
Also, it might become clear if you want another GZ or a Warbler rather. Better anticipate that you'll be spoiled.

But if you want an answer before the pudding gets tasted, complementary to a mic with K47 style capsule (centre terminated; single backplate; strong midrange) would be one with a CK12 style (edge terminated; dual backplate; relatively subdued midrange).

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