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My GZ47fetV is on order - thanks for your great demos vs the TM1, really helped confirm it as a choice for me (along with other great demos of it on there).

any update on the GZ12? is it brighter?

I'm tempted to get another GZfet like the 67 to go with the V (unless the 12 is better), either that or get a Walrber (the U87 inspired one, or the c3000g inspired one)

G has a tube 251/12 coming out later in year - could wait of that too!
Glad to help! The GZ12 is awesome. It's definitely doesn't have the usability that the GZ47fetV does... meaning, most everything works with the 47fetV. That is NOT the case with the GZ12. HOWEVER, when it works, it is really, really good. Great in fact. Just like a C12, when matched with the right voice, it is heaven. It's just much more picky with who it chooses to work with... I'm hoping to have some samples for you guys, just been super swamped with work lately. I will try and do some shooting out soon!