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My GZ12 is more of a niche mic than a go-to mic, although I do put it up for BG vocals pretty consistently. On lead vox, I've found it works great on a "congested", deep - maybe even muddy - male vocal. Imagine how bad a U87 could sound in that context. The GZ12 is the exact opposite. On one project, I was using a Stellar CM6 for lead vox on such a singer (with a tube swap to calm the high end.) When I put up the GZ12 for BG vocals, I realized it sounded better on that singer than the CM6. It was as if the vocal suddenly stepped out of the shadows and into the light. Live and learn.

The ADK Vienna IIau is also considered a C12-ish mic, and that version cost close to $1,000. It's different than the GZ12. I'd say the GZ12 is lighter, the Vienna heavier. One of my repeating clients is a 4-piece vocal group with two female signers. (They track everything live - no overdubs.) I was using the Vienna on one of the gals, and a TLM102 on the other. The TLM102 is now out of the rotation. The Vienna goes with the thin-voiced singer to add a bit of heft, the GZ12 goes on the midrangy singer to thin out the honk in her voice.
Thanks for the 411, Uncle Duncan! I use a GZ251 as my main axe every day in the booth and it works great on my mid-rangey voice. Guosheng's done some nice stuff with his edge-terminated capsule so that mid scoop really smoooths out my tone and the low end goes absolutely subterranean. I think the darkness of it works well with my voice but I'm curious to hear something lighter like a GZ12. I'm afraid my mic jones is going to have me picking up a GZ12 at some point, maybe when he's able to offer a tube version. Fingers X'd.

I may be mistaken, but didn't KV once say that the ADK capsules were actually designed and built by Guosheng?