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Not clear on what you mean about "one sided".

IME, Joly does excellent work, but he has a different agenda sonically than many here. He has no intention of mimicking the classics as much he is going for a non hyped natural transparency. This can end up being close in some ways to the classics but ultimately different. Some might even prefer the Joly, if that quality is what you're after.

And just a reminder that he replaces the capsule with his own k47 style design that works better than the overly bright stock capsules with the stock electronics, that he then tweaks as well. And his head basket mod is not a small thing, though again, with the different goal of reducing internal standing waves and increasing transient clarity. Point being that his mods are not insignificant though they are often with different goals in mind than some.

I would guess that the comparison to the 3U mics would be an apples to oranges thing, though the 3U may well end up being a better value for many.
By one-sided I mean he always uses a K47 (last time I checked) for his LDC mods. Which BTW is (again, last time I checked) basically a Chinese usual suspect and AFAIK no one has yet found a difference between his and the OEM thing. But it's not a bad capsule per se. Extra quality control or testing? Maybe.
A CK12 style, for instance, goes well with a flat circuit, too.
And an electronically tamed K67 sounds different still (but may require deeper understanding of electronics) .

Also, he strongly believes in single layer baskets. That's fine, but it adds to the one-sided idea that I have. Yes, my opinion.
I'll grant him that the MXL990 has a sh!tty stock basket.

Samples never really impressed me, but I must confess I never had one in my studio. Which, I know, doesn't make my case any stronger.

It probably doesn't help that I didn't like his attitude on this forum at all. And I wasn't alone in this. (Understatement.) He got kicked out several times and then permanently. But after five years or so, maybe the door is open again?

It also probably doesn't help that I hang out among microphone builders and I have yet to meet one who takes Joly seriously. Again, not a strong argument from my own experience, but I'm just telling it as it is.

Of course it's not all bad news. And at one point he did seem to fill a hole in the market. But things change.

In this price range (and regardless, I guess) I'd much prefer mics that were built from scratch. Especially when the components are unusually good for the price. And with (capsule) flavours that really differ in essence.

BTW, I tend to agree with, let's say, 95% of your viewpoints. It's the details, if any, that we like to discuss. Which I enjoy.
This very topic might be one where we actually disagree and that would be fine, too.
In any case I hope this shines a better light on my earlier post.

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