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There are plenty of great sounding transformers on the market and plenty of firms that will custom wind transformers to exacting specifications. You don't need to recreate old transformers to make a sonically great and musically excellent sounding microphone. That's a myth. What matters most is great component selection and a great capsule -> which is hand tuned by ear by a master technician. There is no magic and no mumbo jumbo around the microphone - only the realities of the laws of physics.

I used to work in mental health, usually when someone had a different reality to everyone else's, that was a clear symptom of not taking one's medications.
Again, you're missing the point. Of course great mics can be made with current materials, knowledge, techniques, etc.. The question becomes a totally different one when one is trying to reproduce the original exactly. This is where it gets tricky. There is absolutely nothing stopping great mics from being made that have little to do with copying the classics. They are just different. Reread my post #2969 for an attempt at a comprehensive explanation.