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I haven't seen anyone be able to re-create the old transformers and their tone, so just based on that alone I will just have to disagree with you. Klaus as far as I know is no exception here, as I don't believe he re-creates any vintage parts but instead has developed ways of minor but very noticeable mods to Neumann mics that keep their overall character but allow more space and air in there somehow. Mics are a tool that are a pretty big part arbiter of what energy the recorded source acquires. Klaus obviously is highly sensitive to this fact and has ways to make the things sound more relaxed, etc. I wish there were more people like Klaus and less people repeating 'a mic is just a mic'......

Myths work on people that have no personal experience of said mics. You and I have a different reality, as to me even a mic like a km84, km86, good old U87 and many more up the ladder very much create a magic space around the source material. But that's ok. Everyone has a different reality anyway. In any case, blanket statement of 'there is no magic in any mics' is just plain wrong. In my reality.
There are plenty of great sounding transformers on the market and plenty of firms that will custom wind transformers to exacting specifications. You don't need to recreate old transformers to make a sonically great and musically excellent sounding microphone. That's a myth. What matters most is great component selection and a great capsule -> which is hand tuned by ear by a master technician. There is no magic and no mumbo jumbo around the microphone - only the realities of the laws of physics.

I used to work in mental health, usually when someone had a different reality to everyone else's, that was a clear symptom of not taking one's medications.