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Your comment about a clone price ending up being the same assumes that there is not an inflated markup in the original. It is possible that a vintage mic might cost $400 to make and get marked up to $3000 because of the great snake oil salesmen.

Originally Posted by Mischief View Post
I'm not totally locked up. Actually I've hit a snag.
I was capturing to garage band and with my last update it no longer is stable with my Scarlette 18i8. I have a work around but it's painfully slow.

I've just bought a Mac mini 2.6ghz server with SSD drive but it's also for our entertainment hub.
I'm hoping to get an IPad Pro soon to capture and then edit on the Mac mini.

In the mean time I've just been practicing (still recovering from my years of thyroid issues so some days my vocals are on and sometimes they just won't relax. But it seems to be getting better all the time.)
At any rate hopefully soon I'll be back working with the Warbler IID and have better samples to upload.

One thing I would like to chime in about is the descent talk of mike majic and replicating vintage mikes.

A couple things to ponder. Even when mikes are produced to the same standard by the same company and the same people each mic is slightly different. Some times those inconsistencies produce something special. If someone wanted to replicate that they would have to deconstruct that mic and be able to figure out what the slight difference was. Almost certainly when the mic went back together it would sound different after being completely deconstructed unless the difference was both discovered and possible to replicate.

Another point is sometimes the majic is that difference sometimes is just majic on a certain source. Where they compliment each other so beautifully. Take another of the same mic or a different mic that has majic on another source and it does not happen. So when those two things come together it is special to the point I would call that majic and I think it's what every one searches for.
Since sound is subjective if an engineer gets one of these mikes and it has majic with a source especially if it's repeatable. Then it becomes a very special or majical mike indeed.

As also stated to make an exact clone I think is possible but the cost and efforts mean by the time it's done and you can ensure repeatability to the point your mikes are sustainable in a retail sense then you are likely going to have to charge a very similar price or maybe even more. That's why you don't see it happening. Cut a few corners somewhere in your business or scale things down you maybe able to offer for slightly less. IMHO.

Again 3u is not cloning mikes. But making quality vintage sounding mikes that are extremely high quality for the price. People use comparison benchmark standard vintage mikes as a ballpark comparison. This is more accurate when comparing 3U to 3U. So if a MK1 has a u87 feel but you want more of a 47 feel then move to the MKII or likewise if the MKI is too bright then the MKII is similarity darker as a u87 compares to a 47. Yet this is keeping with the 3U quality and voicing.
At least that how I interpret it.

Guosheng takes pride in his capsule tuning. I think he is like an artist. So he has tuned and made his line of mikes with a particular sound unique to warblers or GZ. With similarities to an overall quality to mikes people have grown to love and have made as benchmarks for certain tasks. So it only makes sense to make your mike line up fill the needs of those same tasks with your own quality.

I think 3U is doing that. Have a source that would suit a u87 get the MKI need a 47 get the MKII etc and the will work. Again it does not have to do with being a clone. But your getting a vintage sounded mike of high quality that can do the job at direct low prices.