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Thanks man appreciate it! i am in recovery now. getting better day by day. Lemme ask you this::::

What is your opinion on the ShureSM7b? Ive read A TON of people praising the shiii out of it for it's use in the rap/hip hop application. I understand that it does lack that top end "air" but lots of people have said its easy to add post recording. Oh and the fact it needs a beefy pre amp to power it(At least 60db)
Yep, that was a trade with me. I have an sm7b also, but the mk1 is worlds beyond that, as far as use and flexibility in a studio setting for me. I suffer from that upper-mid heavy and higher voiced tenor range that lacks low end too, and the sm7 is a great mic but it's dense -- and so is the mk1, but the sensitivity and wider range of the mk1 (with some EQ) makes for a much more polished sounding vocal.

Honestly, it's going to be a hard choice giving up the 6 for the 4 or 1, because I went through it too. I was convinced I needed to move on from the 1 to the 6 (or maybe the 4) because I didn't like how thick the initial/raw recording was, but with simple and slight EQing it sculpts a totally different sound; and more of what I was looking for. Because I have a higher range and more airy voice, starting with a thicker and more pronounced low end (sonically) mic, makes for a great finished product after some compression and EQ. I'm honestly glad you didn't jump on the trade and Gulsheng moved factories and gave me an extra month to sit on the mic before deciding. I haven't tried the 4 but knowing my voice and comparing the graphs, the 1 was the right mic for me after all