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I'm considering to buy this shock mount but what I don't understand is how its holding diameter can expand as needed to fit different mic sizes if it does not have a "binder clip" like lock? Could you please explain the mechanism that it employs to be able to fit different sizes of mic?
It's a "C"-shaped double plastic (typical ABS) ring. It only holds the mic in place through it's own self tension, obviously with more grip when the ring is expanded by a mic wider than its natural diameter. The shockmount bands do not aid grip tension because their placement is intended to pull the outer edges of the inner ring, so if anything, the bands slightly lessen the natural tension of the ring.

I bought one of these a long time ago when KV mentioned them. I had been using it on one of my other scissor booms because I missed out getting a second Aston Rycote at $64 and had been on the fence about getting another one when this one was working fine. And then last week, I built a microphone parts T-84 circuit into an old Apex 430 body (It's ok sounding, not gonna replace any of my 3u stuff) and when I went to slip the 430 into the mount inverted, it gripped it at first and then as I was about to plug in the cable, it fell out, head down onto a hard surface. Luckily, there was no damage to the mic but I took the mount out immediately and am ordering another Aston Rycote next week. If that had happened to a mic I really loved, and not some $250 DIY rig, I'd have been pretty pissed at myself for using that mount... so, caveat emptor.