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I got the plastic $4.59 shock mounts today, exactly 13 days from China to Atlanta GA USA..

Totally use able IMHO.

The unit is some kind of high impact nylonish plastic with the exception of the silver metal nut and bolt on the swivel adjustment and the brass sleeve insert on the part that attaches to the mic stand; and of course the bunji / shock chords that provide the shock absorbing. The shock cord actually touches the mic and in a way is responsible for the way the unit grips the conical CM-1

The mount is pretty light weight and there is no "binder clip" like lock on the part that holds the mic, BUT it grips the CM1-Teals conical like body like a champ. I tested it and it will hold the CM1 in the upright, sideways or upside down positions just fine. The plastic part that hugs the mic contours along the cone. I just pushed the mic in up to where it almost hits the mics switches.

When hanging it from an overhead stand/bar over the drums, it balances the CM1 nicely. The basket actually rotates more than 180 degrees maybe like 115 degrees each way. Makes it easy to tilt the capsule just like you need it.

I think this accessory is perfect for these incredible sounding "hundred dollar" mics.
I'm considering to buy this shock mount but what I don't understand is how its holding diameter can expand as needed to fit different mic sizes if it does not have a "binder clip" like lock? Could you please explain the mechanism that it employs to be able to fit different sizes of mic?

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