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Hey, that sucks man. Get well soon!

Anyway, if you're not completely happy with the MKVI, there's gonna be some solution I'm sure.
Last month I think I suggested a trade with someone who had a MKI that was too dark for him.
A MKIV might work too, though. Less "telephonic" if that makes sense. And plenty detail.

You could also mail Guosheng. He can give some good advice and will likely trade without too much financial pain.
Thanks man appreciate it! i am in recovery now. getting better day by day. Lemme ask you this::::

What is your opinion on the ShureSM7b? Ive read A TON of people praising the shiii out of it for it's use in the rap/hip hop application. I understand that it does lack that top end "air" but lots of people have said its easy to add post recording. Oh and the fact it needs a beefy pre amp to power it(At least 60db)