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So I currently own a warbler mk6. Great mic. Super clean and clear. I have a random question. Has anyone ever A/B'd any of Mike Joly's oktava mics against any of the 3u microphones? I am sorta tempted to pick up his "hulk 990" mic which is a mod of the mxl 990 microphone. It's his best seller and most popular for hip hop/rap.

The comparison clips of the mic against a u87ai are impressive but the mic is 430$. I am just wondering if I should stick to 3u mics. Especially if they are better and Guosheng gives us such a steal on cost with his microphones.
I know what Dennis would have said.
(I hope no one minds me saying this.)

I am looking to add something to my mic locker but just not sure what to get. I have a tenor ish voice, slightly nasally but nothing that stands out, but more highs in my voice than lows. I do mostly hip hop/rapping. At the moment I just feel like the warbler 6 adds a bit too much air to my voice since I have more highs than I do low's in my voice. Would a darker mic like a warbler II be more fitting? My biggest fear with darker mics is losing that clarity and transient response. I tend to get very intricate lyrically and sometimes rap fast so I need all those lil fine details.
Too bright in position three even?

If too nasal(ly), I'd look at one of the edge terminated mics, like the Warbler IV.