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Do you know the reason Neumann doesn't make the U87, or other mics in the same original fashion? I believe the U47fet is an exact recreation. I've seen comments about Neumann not being the same company, and their mics are overpriced based on the name, but it seems crazy they themselves wouldn't want full reign on the market seeing as they can actually do it (in many cases).
The general attitude at Neumann, which is now owned by Sennheiser, has been that they are interested in what they perceive to be improvements, rather than revisiting their past. In only a few instances have they reissued original designs, the aforementioned U47 Fet being one, and the U67 being another. I can't think of any others.

The newer U87ai is considered a technical improvement over the older circuit though there are many who favor the sound of the older version. It is a tradeoff of lower noise for higher headroom, but there are other subtler consequences. The TLM transformerless design again has some technical advantages over the older transformer coupled designs. Although there is certainly an enclave of pros who prefer the classic transformer coupled mics, the average buyer is either not so picky or aware, or might even prefer the more "modern" sound of the the newer circuit.

I'm not so sure their mics are very overpriced considering that they are made in Germany, rather than China, not to mention the sound of some of them, at least.