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Thank you for taking the time to explain this in a very meaningful way. It really makes more sense though I'm surprised that after so many years the recipe is not easy to replicate. It's amazing what goes into these mics. I forget if you have already told me but do you have a recommendation for a rock and roll mic like for classic rock? Thanks!
You're welcome. What you were saying made sense except for those pesky details. And the problem is not just making a good mic, but one that captures those particular flavors just so. And those flavors really are worth capturing, though there is plenty of room for other useable mics, and yes, even "better" ones, depending on your definition of better in a given context. There are a number of companies that do varying degrees of capturing the originals, with some serious attempts at cloning per se, and some do get close. More are simply inspired by them, and most of these are approximations that get you in the neighborhood on a budget. The 3U mics obviously fit into this category but are unusual in their quality of parts and sound, given their price. How close they come to the originals seems to be an afterthought.

A good example of a success story, is the Pulse Techniques Pultec clone, which is one of the very few pieces that deserves the name "clone" as it is exactly that, an extremely painstaking replica of the original, down to every possibly relevant detail. They spent many years in R & D. They are expensive but slightly less than the originals go for, and they are new with warranty. Indeed, many people are selling their originals and replacing them with the new ones. There are a few other products like that, but not many. The AEA R44 and KU4, are another, but they are much simpler to do right.

Re: a good rock mic, in my experience you have to match the mic to the voice and song. And since this is a 3U thread, I'll leave further suggestions to those who own them.

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