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Originally Posted by Alex Tomb View Post
I have been using Mixbus 3 for the last few months, and I have to say is something else for mixing.
I connect logic x directly to mixbus with jack, so that I do not have to bounce the stems and import to mixbus.
In this way I can go back to logic and make adjustments with no pain, while mixing, and besides the signal stays intact until the final stereo print in mixbus with total recall on everything.
BUT! Just bought satson and will add all instances on mixbus and let you know of my thoughts.
The difference in mixing in mixbus instead of logic is quite huge and I am 100% logic user for 10 years now.
Its just the workflow so easy and fluid. I deliberately disabled vsts and AU plugins in mixbus, and this forces me to mix with what mixbus offers and actually finish something.
And when bounced, the song sounds identical to the realtime mixing version played from the daw. The reason I am saying this, is because for years I could feel that once bounced in logic, the audio was losing something,don't know what but it was not the same, dull, less dynamics, confused, messy, I dont know.
Hi Alex, I agree 100%, I always have the same feeling when listen to the bounced songs on Logic or other DAWs.
I'm thinking to buy the new 32C and try your workflow (jack) with 12 mix busses.