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Yeah I do understand and it seems these mics are made with top drawer components and someone with real experience. I'm wondering seriously if they might even be better than the originals. Would love to hear more from people who can A/B with the originals not just from a "how close is it a clone" but also from "which sounds best" perspective. Thanks !!

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It's not a leap, it's an assumption. And assumptions usually get you into trouble or lead to disappointment for most things in life. If someone doesn't say something outright, sound advice would be not to assume something unsaid.

Usually with mics people say "Well, what does it sound like?" Now you can say, well it sounds like a mic!...or you can say, well it's warm, flat, thick in the low mids, etc etc etc....but what usually ends up happening is the person asking, "Well what mic would you compare it to?" You seem like a smart guy, you would have to be able to see why people would use this name numbering to describe a vintage voiced microphone in the style of number whatever; it makes complete sense.