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Old 3rd May 2016
Where are some good places to findout about games in the early stages of development?

One piece of advice that was given to me was by a TV composer, who suggested I find greenlit TV shows, write music for that show and pitch it to them. The place he suggested was best to find out about them was with a broadcast magazine subscription (shame it's £20 a month.. )

However I am leaning towards specialising in game music and already have some experience writing music for games and game trailers. It seems like finding out about video games early in development is trickier (or maybe there is something I don't know yet).

I sometimes look through Steam Greenlight, but that is generally for games that are so far along that they will already have a composer (and trailer).

Developer's websites sometimes have information, but again they usually don't reveal a game until it's already too far along.

I am subscribed to some game developer communities (like on Reddit), most are hobbyists though.

I'm confident that my music would match really well with a game somewhere and I'm confident in the production quality that I want to pitch to bigger indie developers who can give me secure work if successful.

I already do some networking in real life, but I'm interested in finding some people online.