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Old 3rd May 2016
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I'm fairly new to DMX lighting. As I try to manage all PA and light using wireless solutions, (soundcraft ui16, Enttec ODE) I switched from Luminair to Enttec D-PRO.

Luminair will give you a fair amount of options to work with and pretty doable but can be time consuming. Also, for programming I had to setup my leds/movingheads to see the result. Enttec DPRO however has a "phisical layout" window where you can position the fixtures with an optional background jpg to simulate the venue. Using this makes it possible to make a large amount of cues and sequences.

I also love the feature to make templates to be used on the fly in live usage. You just select the fixtures of choice, select the action and select the color(pattern). All done with a little more than 3 clicks.

Enttec DPRO really cuts down the time consuming DMX programming by the way it works. For me well worth the money.