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Old 28th April 2016
Hi guys,

Some of you might have noticed we've made some radical changes to the beta since it debuted, specifically now creating a Logic side bar menu (and the main window now reflects this if you're in Logic 10 edit mode)

We're aiming to have Ableton follow what the Logic X menu does in terms of multiple sub-folders etc - but doing that, keeping both Logic X, Ableton and Logic 9 all in sync, whilst all referencing the same presets and working through the quirks of each is quite a mammoth task.

As to the 32 Lives point, we've done some testing her and all is working fine - we've tested a few versions of Logic 10 and of 32 Lives too. We've specifically turned off the clone/duplication feature (from here on referred to as AUClone) for 32 Lives as I don't think you'd get stable results, but I'd imagine any plugin you want to AUClone is likely to be a 64bit synth or sound library in most cases anyway (or Slates VMR for instance)

Theres still quite a few bugs we find and fix a daily basis, its much more complex a system now and more fragmented than Auganizer 1 as we look to support different menus and what each menus limitations are, without breaking another app. It'd be ideal if all programs treated AU's the same way, but they don't! Apple's are the only programs that read the AU standard properly, Ableton has a bizarre implementation that doesn't really follow any of the rules, other DAW's seem to treat third party plugins as if they're an after thought. The changes to Logic 10's code enable us a much more flexible and interesting menu setup - but it's not parity across Logic 9, Mainstage, Final Cut, Garageband, and their other apps that use AU!

We'll get there though, each week a new feature that I think helps organisation is implemented. We're going to push out another beta update soon and one of the things that most helped me is that our filtering of plugins now applies to the side bar too, let me explain...

When organising just instruments, I found it a bit confusing to see all the categories you'd see in Logic in one menu (Effects and Instruments) which in the app would appear in two different places. Now when you filter to just instruments its possible to show just the categories which contain instruments (effectively like seeing the instrument menu as it would appear in Logic) and vice versa for effects.

We've also rolled out dragging from the main window into the side bar, so there are now multiple ways to get plugins into categories folders (click and name, right click and assign, drag and more!) so you can chose which ever is the fastest or most intuitive method for you.

Special thanks to everyone in this thread who's dived in on the beta. We know its a commitment to mess with your plugins when you've got projects to do, so we appreciate that and the feedback.

Quite a lot of work left to do yes in terms of coding and polishing (and some features might have to be pushed back to 2.1) and we've got the humungous task of attempting to name, categorise and write notes for as many plugins as we can get our hands on (you know thats into the thousands) for the feature where newbie users can just buy, open Auganizer, and within a click of a button have all their plugins organised in a system similar to the stock method in Logic 10 (we'll be following their lead for categorising as a kind of default method and tastefully but minimally adding categories where things don't fit into the Logic defaults) for many this will be enough and they can from there customise if they want - for others (like me) they'll want everything exactly the way they want and are willing to spend a few hours doing it to speed up their actual working process in the long run.

Speak soon!