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I should have mentioned (fog) that I was talking about version 3. When 4 came out, I think that I remember their ads suggesting that they fixed that.

As for Audacity, be nice now. Audacity is great for tracking. Hit the button, it records. Bang. In fact, I have been limiting my hardware choices to things that will run Audacity.
Yes, maybe version 3 had some internal processing weirdness.

True, that big red record button is front and center. I just had a lot of troubles getting it to do needed things that I'm used to with other DAWS. Maybe I just didn't spend enough time with it, but both me and my students felt that it was counter intuitive. For a lot of commonly needed functions like FX and such, it required workarounds and detours to get the job done.

Probably has a lot of nice features that I never explored, but I swapped it out with Audition in the studio, and all students were immediately delighted with the instant boost in flexibility and intuitive operation.