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+1 on Wasp. It sounds freaking fantastic despite being one of the cheapest modules in my rig.

I'll also throw in a plug for Frankenrigs. While some people really love the aesthetic of having just one manufacturer in a system, I prefer like the versatility of combining them. For instance, Tony from Make Noise was inspired by The Harvestman to start his own synth company, and the Donut pairs well with the Make Noise stuff. (Indeed, Tony spent a lot of time with the Donut while he was designing the DPO because he loved how intensely deep the modulation amounts you can achieve are.) I probably own more Doepfer modules than anything else (with Make Noise running a close second) and think they're great. But there's a big world of modules out there and I wouldn't want to stick to just one manufacturer. For reference, here's my main Eurorack case.

It has 13+ different manufacturers in it, but it's a well thought out system so it feels like a singular instrument. Everything compliments and enhances everything else.