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Thanks for the lengthy reply staudio!!

The Duality is in a different size/price bracket altogether... I think the AWS is more of a candidate in this category, but thing is i mostly mix my own productions so extreme recallabillity is not the first priority Also, at this time i have the SIGMA/Nucleus + 3 X-Racks of Eq/Dynamics(a mini duality/aws if you like), so im familiar with the tone of the SSL. Honestly, it does give width but i cant get the analog mojo im after from it... so thats why it all came down to Api vs RND

Thanks again- it was educational!!
Yes, the AWS is certainly more comparable from a price standpoint. Since you already have the SSL processing then you know what it can do for a mix then. I might suggest adding a rack of 550A EQ's then if you need more mojo. Those things have a lot of transformer color and having 16 of them to put in front of your Sigma might help you out without having to buy a new desk, but an API 160 is very pretty to sit in front of...

Also I get a lot of color from my mixbus chain so tell us what you have on there? I have a variety of compressors that give me different colors when I want them including API 2500, Rupert Neve MBP, Dave Hill Titans, and I also want to get a Vari Mu at some point.