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Originally Posted by RoundBadge View Post
Eqs are easy.
It's not always used this way.
Also For tracking it's very flexible.
All red dots on mic pre's,output channels/ busses.
Firlotte on mix buss/ control room
Changing out transformers to litz wire versions.
Input TX to the Ed Anderson vintage style.
Changing some caps.
Removing some other stuff(resistors,caps)that weren't on vintage.

I'm likely never going to buy a vintage one so might as well make this one sound great.
Imo I'm getting the best of the "new" "modern" and some vintage trip too.
It's been a real fun experiment,especially when it starts to sound better.. Less pinched in the mids, bigger low end and sweeter smoother high end.
Quite an undertaking! how many op amps and Xformers replaced in total?