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the 1608[have one] has the newer modern api sound.
its not quite what I expected when first using it.
coming from an old 3288 it was not the old "warm /focused" 70's flavor.
its got some api mid forwardness/aggressiveness but compared to the old 70's console kinda had a slightly harder/plasticy,harsher edgier sound to it.
My old buddy [rip] John Kuker did a direct side by side shootout with an old Helios board[Island Basing]..said the same thing..sounded a bit more "synthetic" by comparison.
that said it sounds way better than itb,got a lot of old school functionality in a fairly compact package.
..people are making records with them everyday.
I've modded the hell out of mine to sound more old school but more natural at the same time.
[I've come hate the modern 2520 opamp sound..just my all red dots/firlotte vf600's now]

the 5088 is nice.. modern clean.loots of headroom.
I used it a couple times.not exactly what I expected but sounded really good..not an old school neve 80 series thick mojo thing but open clear..modern.not what I was looking for when purchasing.
if I had to do it again I'd likely look at Paul Wolfes new console offerings too.
maybe the series 75 too.[that desk doctor guy Bruce is based out of LA]..always good to go local for support imo.
I thought the AWS was sonically kinda boring.certainly not anything like an old 4k.

If I really had the funds I'd just bite the bullet and hunt down a 70's API desk.
to me,THAT sounds like a "record".

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