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I am grateful for the OP and posters in this thread. I have always steered clear of these extended FR microphones but didn't suspect the 8000 range. Will strike them off any consideration in the future.

There are lots of these ultrasonic traps in high end audio too these days. Its somewhat ironic how the hi-res audio guys are trying to prove that you can hear above 20kHz FR and IR, and hence need high sample rates, but that the ultrasonic noise shaping in DSD cannot be heard. What this ultrasonic hash is doing to in-band audio is probably more significant than most are willing to admit, especially if it originates well upstream in the chain.

Still, I am happily using Hypex Class D amps for my main monitors and there is an awful lot of ultrasonic hash coming out of those. But they are at the end of the chain, and I know the drivers cannot follow the signal in any way.

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