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I mean even if your not pitching down recordings for that effect, but you bought these mics because of the advantages of the harmonic content recorded over 20khz creating subharmonics in the audible range..isnt all this noise up there interfering with that? just a thought.
There's no advantage capturing ultra sound for "subharmonics".

If it would exist (to any practical/significant degree) this would be captured in the air, in the audible range, during recording.

What you can get dealing with strong ultra sound is intermodulation distortion in following stages. That's not hifi though and either you lowpass your signal and/or you make sure the whole chain has high performance linearity wise (read low distortion a decent way up above 20kHz). Right Jim? ;-)

anyway I have borrowed a mic from sennheiser to check mine aren't faulty and it was the same thing with my setup: RME UC (except the mic i borrowed was about 5-6db lower overall). I am taking my microphone to work today to test it on other preamps. ill post the results here.
Are you sure you made no mistake during those tests? A noise difference of 5-6dB is huge. If Senn QC is that weak I would want to know it.