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Sennheiser mkh 8040 noise over 20kHz


I am interested in hearing about others experience with the mkh 8040 (or other in the same series) and self noise in the mic. It is rated at 13dBa and used in a traditional recording sense it is a beautiful microphone with low self noise. My issue is with the self noise over 20 kHz . Sennheiser rates it to go to 50kHz but over 20kHz in my experience it is extremely noisy. This is of course only possible to hear when the recording is slowed down, bringing the high frequency info down to the audible range, something i like to do in sound design.

This post on stackexchange discusses the matter and one guy( Pavel Doreuli) even posted that on some gear it wasn't noisy. I have not managed to contact him to get an answer to what gear it was. pitch shifting - Wide Frequency Response Microphones - Sound Design Stack Exchange

I mean even if your not pitching down recordings for that effect, but you bought these mics because of the advantages of the harmonic content recorded over 20khz creating subharmonics in the audible range..isnt all this noise up there interfering with that? just a thought.

anyway I have borrowed a mic from sennheiser to check mine aren't faulty and it was the same thing with my setup: RME UC (except the mic i borrowed was about 5-6db lower overall). I am taking my microphone to work today to test it on other preamps. ill post the results here.
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