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Serge is all banana connectivity, where almost any signal can go anywhere (audio or modulation). Buchla separates audio from voltages by using banana and tini-jax (similar to mini-jack).
Serge still employs a lot of subtractive ideas (analog oscillators and resonant low pass filters). Buchla is more about complex modulation, often with minimal or no use of standard low pass filters.
Yes, I remember asking Don if the low pass gates could 'do resonance' if you patched up a feedback loop and he replied that he didn't know as he'd never tried. Coming from East coast tradition at the time that completely blew my mind.

On the other hand I think Serge is even more low level than traditional subtractive ideas. Like using single voltage ramps and pulses to do stuff (sound, modulation etc). Also I find I use lots of non-octave sub-oscillation: entraining one oscillator to another and going up and down through the sub-harmonics (sometimes at audio rates). That's not at all like standard VCOs -> mixer -> VCF -> VCA synthesis.

Another big East vs West difference is headroom. West Coast often sounds more acoustic, whereas East Coast sounds more like a rock guitar because the signals are often at different levels within the dynamic range. I think the 'Moog sound' is often warmed by being close to or over the saturation point, whereas many West coast patches have a more delicate, plucked, tapped or strummed sound because of where you are in terms of levels. Doesn't have to be that way, of course, but in practice I find that's another common difference.