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Sorry i dont have any pics. And i cant shoot as the wares are stored. And about wavelab i stopped using it since v6 release.
Yeah pics were pretty rare as we didn't have smart phones or digital cameras yet, and we never thought to take any photos, as you had to get film developed and printed!

The promo pic was for our "grand" opening with this bleeding edge DAW technology. People we almost dumbfounded when they saw and heard it for the first time. It was an exciting era, the late 80s and early 90s, there were only a few mastering suites around the country. I remember working with Phish one day in 93 with this rig, when they were passing through Austin, although I had upgraded to Genelec S-30 monitors & Sound Tools II by then.

Bring on the pics, it's a nostalgic geeky fun thread, not just for those of us that lived through all the changes, but also for newbies to see the history of the developmental changes of the DAW.

Bonus points for any mullet shots!

Best, JT