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Vintage DAW Museum :~)>

OK so here it is, a Vintage Mastering DAW "Museum" Thread.

Feel free to post pics of your ancient DAW systems, preferably up and running!

Originally Posted by Waltz Mastering View Post
I have an early Sonic system and a Atari Mega ST & Mac with Sound Tools & Deck in storage.
Quick phone pic of some stuff I could find easily & part of a older mac/daw graveyard.
Pretty sure it all still works
Nice! How about a live action shot with everything connected, and running.

I've still got old SD2 systems running on a couple of G3's with AM3 cards, although they very rarely get used for anything, maybe 1-2 times per year for retrieving ancient projects from the 90s.

Also have the blue G4 which was one of the first Mac "super CPUs" with SD2, PT5, Waveburner 2 (emagic), and others.

I'll post pics soon, when time allows.

Best, JT