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Dang, I've put off getting a Nord for a while and have been listening to more A1 demos online and yeah, this synth is good. I can't decide if I want the A1 or NL4. I've also been considering the original NL1 with raw abrasive sound I like it produces. But the A1 also seems to be able to do abrasive weirdness too. And maybe moreso than the NL1. Has anyone had the NL1 and A1? Also wondering how the NL4 compares to the NL1. I'm curious about the difference in tones. Is the filter of the NL1 a lot better than either of these? I'm guessing the NL4 maybe a good compromise, but the tones of the A1 are really hifi sounding and seems to be able to do abrasive stuff too. I like that it can sound lush and organic, but also go into rawer sounding territory.
I have the original NL2, MicroModular and A1R

I'd say they are all different. The NL1 and 2 are very aggressive, buzzy and raw. The A1R does not sound anything like any old Nord. It certainly can sound more organic, warm and has very analog sounding FM. It's aggressiveness is mostly due to the digital waveforms and cross modulating those. The FM on the old Nords is beyond intense and digital.

Don't know about the NL4. That, the Modular 2, NL3 and Wave all put me off.