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Almost all I/O here runs thru patchbays. It addition to giving us unlimited patching and routing options, it saves wear and tear on I/O ports on expensive gear.

Some exceptions are units which use combo ports, especially those which select between preamps or line inputs depending on which port is used.

This requires labelling and disciplined documentation. We keep detailed wiring diagrams near each patchbay, we update them when patches change, and, since these diagrams tend to move around, becoming unavailable when really needed, we keep a full set of duplicates on file as well.

That's where the discipline comes in. It takes extra time to dig out the right dupe, update it, and change the version date. Having an all in one printer handy, helps a lot.

Main Outs tend to feed monitors in systems w DSP loopback capability.

Systems that don't have loopback, the Main Outs feed an input pair, while outputs 1 and 2 feed monitors.

PS...don't forget to close any insert loops you bring to a patchbay that aren't normalled or used. Chaos awaits!