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Old 8th April 2016
I just put my DIYAC RM-5 (I got mine from together today. I've only gotten to run a couple of quick tests but I got to say I'm really impressed with it so far. I did some vocal tests and have been pleased with how it handles my voice. While many low end condensers add to much high end and make my voice sound thin, and many dynamics are muffled and lacking high end definition, the RM-5 seems very balance.

On guitar I set it about 9" from my cab and right in front; it sounded excellent on clean guitars but with heavy guitars it was super woofy with overwhelming low end. I'm sure this had a lot to with placement and floor reflections from my cab, however the big takeaway is that it took EQ amazingly! With a heavy high pass and a judicious cut in the offending frequencies I actually got a nice detailed heavy guitar tone out of it.

Again this is just my first impressions from no more than 20 minutes playing with the mic but I'm really impressed and excited about it.