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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone here knew if i could use iMovie in a way that it doesn't move my clips around automatically. The way it currently works, if everything is timed up to audio then i decide to remove a clip it will pull everything from the right to the left to 'join' up the clips but i don't want it to!!?

If that doesn't make sense, then my next question is, does anyone know an open source alternative to premiere pro?
I'm not an iMovie/Apple guy but at least this will bump your thread and someone more clued into that platform may have your answer, but...

This seems like a setting iMovie would let you change.

In the Windows vid editor I use (Sony's Movie Studio Platinum [a reasonably priced consumer version of their Vegas software), you change settings like this -- which they call 'ripple' -- from the Options menu (other locations might be 'preferences' or 'settings' depending on the software).