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This is interntionally made to sound thin and noisy. There's hundreds of other black metal albums sounding like this, or even worse. This is a genre thing. I would argue that this is not a bad mix at all as it totally nails the sound of the genre.
I've kept a corner of one eye on black metal for a number of years because of some friends I have -- not to mention perverse, idle curiosity. Coming from a background in the early days of punk, I'm no stranger to the idea of fans 'distrusting' music that sounds too slick (and yet some of the most important early punk records were well recorded... I think, in those days, a well recorded studio sound was more seen as a 'warning flag' to many of us, rather than something that would sink a band's cred completely).

It's undoubtedly the perspective of an outsider, but I can't shake the idea that, just as punk became boring and formula-driven moving into the 1980s and beyond, black metal seems to have become focused on recreating a specific sound/style/studio formula that suggests 'street credibility' to black metal fans despite its formula-driven cliches. Like a LOT of musical genres that 'demand loyalty and commitment' from their fans, I suppose. Lifestyle genres?